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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leather Pouch Review

Protecting your $500+ investment is a must! The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is extremely thin and in my mind thin means fragile. Whether or not that actually is true in this case, it is what my mind believes. That is where the official Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leather Pouch comes in.

Very attractive
Thin profile
Not a lot of protection
Can’t use Tab while in case

The Leather Pouch has a very sleek, executive feel to it. It does not add much bulk to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The leather has a very nice feel to it. The only mark on it is the embossed SAMSUNG logo on the bottom right that actually makes the case seem more valuable.

This baby is not going to protect against any serious drops or accidents. It is just a thin piece of leather wrapped around your precious tablet. So you still need to be careful with it. What it will do though is protect against scratches. You can put it in a bag and not have to fear for its safety.

The case comes in at $29.99, making it very affordable. You can order it today from Samsung.

Rating: 7/10

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