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Galaxy Tab 10.1 Multi-Media Dock Review

You might be contemplating purchasing the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s multi-media dock. Well I have had it for the past couple weeks and can tell you everything you need to know.

First let me comment on video out support. Out of the box there is absolutely none. Unlike the original Galaxy Tab’s multi-media dock, there is no HDMI port built into the dock. In order to get HDMI capabilities you need to buy the Galaxy Tab Adapter (HDTV) for an addition $40. That brings your cost up to $75. Compare that to the $45 for the original Galaxy Tab multi-media dock that has HDMI out built in. Rip off.

The other component of the dock is being a charging/syncing station. Not that anybody actually uses their computer to sync with their tablet, but the charging capabilities are good. It also has a 3.5 mm jack for audio out.

Decent Stand
HDMI adapter sold seperately
Can’t charge and stream video via HDMI at same time

It works pretty well as a basic stand. It tilts it up about 75 degrees which is perfect for viewing and using the tablet. If you put any more than a little pressure on the screen, then it will wobble a little. Do not worry though, because it will take a lot of pressure to actually knock it over.

Perhaps the most frustrating part about the dock is the fact that once the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is docked, it pulls up the clock. There is no easy way of getting out of it either. I have been using the application switcher to change to another program and that will work.

You can buy it now from Samsung for $35 and from Amazon for only $20.51, not that I would recommend it.

Rating: 4/10

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    Why charging the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is very fast with this docking station, more then just connected the USB cable to the Galaxy Tab ?

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    than, not then