galaxy tab 101 vs archos 101

Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs Archos 101 Gen 9

You can not say that Archos does not try. They have got a powerful CPU in their latest generation of Android tablets, but they ruin it with subpar hardware all around.

Check out the comparison below.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Archos 101 Gen 9
Screen Size 10.1 inches 10.1 inches
Resolution 1280 x 800 1280 x 800
Rear Camera 3 MP with Auto Focus and LED Flash No
Front Camera 2 MP Yes
Processor 1 GHz Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 1.5 GHz Dual Core Cortex A9
Battery 7,000 mAh
Weight 565 grams (1.2 pounds) 649 grams (1.4 pounds)

755 grams (1.7 pounds) [Hard Drive]

Thinness 8.6 mm 12.6 mm

15.6 mm [Hard Drive]

Memory 16GB/32GB 16GB + microSD slot

250 GB [Hard Drive]

Ram 1 GB 1 GB
Operating System Android 3.1 Android 3.1
Flash Yes Yes
Starting Price $499 (WiFi-Only 16 GB) $349 (WiFi-Only 16 GB)
Availability Available Now September 2011

The Archos 101 G9 is spectacular on paper, just like the previous generations. There is a reason that they do not take off though – poor quality. I would rather pay $500 for a high quality product than $350 for a poor quality one.

Would you consider buying an Archos 101 Gen 9?

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  • Pierre de Tournemire


  • David Bankson

    Based on that information, I’d rather have the Archos 101!

  • Sebastiaan Franken

    This is a bit biased of course… Since you’re a galaxy tab website owner… Not trusting this

  • Ben Rosenthal

    I have the SGS 2 for camera, 3g and gps needs…… for me the Archos is looking rather tempting. Still struggle to get the old Sammy 7″ tab for the price.

  • Russell Copeland

    Also since when has the 1.5 GHz Archos been out since September 2011?  Even Archos are saying it isn’t out til beginning of or early 2012!