How to get Netflix on your Galaxy Tab 10.1(v) UPDATED 2015

UPDATE 4/5/2015: Updated instructions can be found here.

Netflix should now work on all Honeycomb tablets, but you can’t download it from the Market unless you are one of the few devices Netflix allows. So if you want Netflix on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Galaxy Tab 10.1v, then you will need to use the following apk.

Download Netflix 1.3.0

Download Modified Netflix 1.3.0

The modified details:

  • Added hardware acceleration flag
  • Recompiled using the honeycomb framework
  • Zip aligned resources

Thanks Nick!

Source: XDA

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  • Big Bad Busa

    Nice! Works on my Acer Iconia. Thx

  • Alslayer

    I found a working Netflix for the galaxy tab 7.

  • Matthew Pruitt

    It works! Thank you! 

  • C-los

    finally!!! works thanks!! galaxy tab 10.1

  • Dlmcgoni

    loaded but not currently working on Verizon Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Dballert

    Thank you!!!  Works flawlessly on my Samsung 10.1….so happy!

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  • Guest

    Works great! Thanks!!

    • Talltaurusmedia

      How did you istall it?  Can you tell me?

      • Granted

        Read my response to Cable down below, I explained how to install applications outside of the Market.

  • Rofg1234

    is it legal to install this file?

    • Granted

      Yes, because it is not an app that costs money to begin with, and these are just hacked versions that people have made them so they work on all devices. They are just doing what Netflix hasn’t gotten around top doing yet.

  • cable chadwick

    ok im a noob at android been apple for the longest time. and now i want to try this toy out. but i cant figure out how to get this app installed. can somebody help me with it please?

  • cable chadwick

    ok im a noob at android been apple for the longest time. and now i want to try this toy out. but i cant figure out how to get this app installed. can somebody help me with it please?

    • Granted

      I just got my Galaxy Tab, and haven’t powered it on yet, but assuming it’s the same as installing an app, outside the Market, like on an Android smart phone, you’ll need to follow these steps…

      – First, go into your settings
      – Scroll down and select “Applications”
      – Check “Unknown Sources”
      – Click the link on this page for the Netflix . apk, and click install when the download is finished. Your download should be listed in the “Downloads” section, of whatever browser you are using
      – Then just install the app like you normally would, any app from the Market
      – And just to be on the safe side, go back into “Settings” > “Applications”, and uncheck “Unknown Sources”. But remember that any time you download an application from anywhere besides the Android Market, you’ll need to go and check “Unknown Sources” once again.

      Hope that is helpful to all of you who were unsure or confused as to how install apps, outside the Market. But remember to always use good judgement, when downloading apps that aren’t hosted by the Android Market, and always read and see what permissions every app you download requires. Generally whatever an app requires, is needed, and is safe, but I always take the safe route, and investigate why the app needs certain permissions.

  • Granted

    What is a Galaxy Tab 10.1 “v”? What does the “v” stand for. I just bought a 32GB Galaxy Tab 10.1, is the “v” version better in some way? I really hope I didn’t just buy this, when there is a better version put now. Some info. On this would be much appreciated, thanks.

  • KK

    Downloaded app from market to my Samsung phone today. Then thought what the heck. Downloaded this version to my tablet. Done! Took two seconds to install. Why oh why is this not in the market? This is what makes people go with Apple. 

  • Kartikmpatel

    Works great, i just installed it on my samsung 10.1 tab coool, thanks a lot

  • Wishing4Netflix

    After login, prompts to upgrade, tap cancel then takes me in to the queue fine.  Then on launch of a movie it starts to load then pops a “Sorry we could not reach the Netflix service.  Please try again later.  If the problems persists please visit the Netflix website (12001).

    this is on the modified 1.3.0 version above running on a 10.1 32GB from Verizon.

    Any ideas?

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