Moisture under screen of Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Some users have reported what appears to be moisture under the screen of their new Galaxy Tab 10.1s. Android Police has attributed this phenomenon to Newton’s Rings – “interference pattern caused by the reflection of light between two surfaces.”

It appears that this problem is not very widespread. I for one have not experienced it. The cause of this is heat. So if you ever do experience it, then you can toss it in the refrigerator for 10 to 30 minutes.

Have you had this problem? Let us know in the comments or the forums!

Thanks Nick!

Source: Android Police

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  • Benjamin Hamilton

    mine does this on occasion. I find if I hold the tab on both sides (like you would normally) and very gently twist the tablet in opposite directions (right hand twisting away from your body while the left hand twists towards your body) the rings go away.

    I can’t stress *gently* enough here. Kid gloves, folks!

  • khan

    I’ve had this problem and thought it was becouse of pressure on the screen.
    I have another problem thought. Some weird marks appeared like the screen is dirty or wet  (actually like some kind of fluid dried on it) and it doesn’t go away even with screen cleaning stuff…

  • mr Ed

    i have similar problem .. when i press the affected area, it seems to be spread more ..

  • jwest150

    How does tossing it in the fridge fix the problem?  When mine warms back up it begins to appear again.

    • Vuffen2001

      I have the same issues.. when it is no longer cold, my “moisture” returns… 

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    I have the same problem. Verizon employees have no clue about this issue. Samsung should recall tabs winth screen prolem ASAP!

  • Moseylou

    I have the same thing – and I have had two tabs (first one never woke up from its nap), and they both have it.  It’s quite extensive – about 3.5 inches one way and 1.5 the other, smack in the center of the screen. 

    Is this going to prove to be a problem?  The refrigerator thing sounds weird and I’d be nervous it would screw up other components. 

  • Dale

    I took my first tab back – verizon replaced it – when the second tab did the same thing – verizon told me they didn’t want me as a customer and offered me a refund…

    I’m pretty pissed off about it – I like the device, but for over $700, I’m not willing to live with this issue… I’ll just get an ipad2 insstead…

  • Scottlb767

    HHaving the same problem. Will try to replace it at Fry’s in Seattle when I return next week.

  • bored117

    Have same issue… more severe and Verizon told me it’s my fault.  I am going to try different store to see if this can be handled in amicable manner.

  • Seenurgraphic

    I recently purchased my galaxy 10.1 and noticed this moisture appearance underneath the glass a few days after purchase. I contacted samsung to fix the problem since the store wouldnt replace it because i didnt buy there warranty. Well samsung wants me to send the unit back to them via mail to correct the problem and mail it back but the process will take 7-14 business days. So i purchased a device had it for a week now have to go a half a month without a unit i payed 600 for, wrf!

  • Danscott1972

    Got it on mine, its getting worse too. I want to take it back but noone has them in stock so i wont get a replacement

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    I’ve got a replacement from Verizon but after a few days the screen moisture issue started to appear when i take the tab into a warm place and disappear once i got indoor in a colder place. yesterday the moisture formed but remained even when i took the tab into an air conditioned room. i’m planning to return my tab and get a toshiba thrive instead.

  • Ashishroy

    i cant put up with that

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    I  decided to return my tab to samsung instead because my 14 days refund limit with Verizon has expired and they will only replace it with a certified unit. i requested a repair service via samsung’s website. They either fix it or give me a replacement free of charge. I’ll be mailing it back first thing tomorrow morning. 

  • Richard Raseley

    I am on my 3rd Verizon Galaxy Tab – the previous two had moisture issues. The store did a replacement both times, calling it a “manufacturing defect”. Hopefully the 3rd time will be a charm…

  • angius

    Yes, i have. half an hour in the fridge and everything disappears. Is it possible in a 500 usd device?

  • Noonkief

    I have the same issue,
    my “moisture”spot is a little bit bigger compared to the one on this picture.

    When you press near the spot / area you see that it is spreading.

    This is certainly a production fault.

  • Floris Zuallaert

    I have the same problem. After purchasing the Tablet 2 months ago in Holland, the moisture/blur has appeared as shown on the picture above. It looks like there’s a thin layer of fluid behind the screen, but it also might be a reflection issue. The spot also doubles in size when touching. It’s strange, because I’ve been very gentle with the tablet. I wonder what’s causing it. People that see my tablet notice it immediately. 

    I refuse to put the thing in a fridge. Seems like a brutal thing to do for a complex, fragile device.

    I’m contacting my vendor.Thanks for this post Kyle. I’ll let the people on this page know how my webvendor / samsung reacted.

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    I received a replacement from Samsung and after a few weeks the same moisture problem appeared. This problem seems to be wide-spread. Samsung should issue recalls for all affected devices. I’m return my unit for the second time now. 

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    I’ve mailed my replacement unit to Samsung after two months of usage. Samsung rep told me that they need to investigate why I have the same problem again. I was instructed to write “attention repair manager” on the mailing package. Lets wait and see what they are going to do. I urge everyone to return their units if they got this issue. We need to make Samsung “aware” of the issue.

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    Samsung technicians decided to replace the LCD and touchpanel of my tab. They call the issue with my tab “watermark failure”.

  • Teresa

    i have a maylong tablet and it has moisture under the screen..quite a bit.very noticeable.   i will try the fridge thing and see what happens tho…i was going to send back..i will do this before.. thanks for the  hint…

  • Ugly Tuna

    I tried the fridge – temp solution only.  I bought the tab 2 months ago from a Verizon store.  I just stopped in and the reps all said they had not seen any screen issues like this (live in south FL).  The were kind enough to arrange a new one to be shipped to me and I can continue to use mine until it arrives.  While a little inconvenient I think this is good customer service from Verizon.  I love the tablet and hope the replacement is free from this defect. 

  • Nawaf Alsulami

    After Samsung changed my tab’s LCD, the problem didn’t show up.

  • Anonymous

    Well just like everyone else i have this problem,,though I’m not sure if heat is the cause to my screen issue…one day i was folding paper and I applied a somewhat amount of pressure on the screen..oh how i regret doing so…

    Anyways the way I’ve temporarly fixed it is to use a suction cup..i used a gps car suction cup to gently pull it up…unfortunately it lasts only for a while so I might return it..not sure how cuz I got it with an opened box discount

  • David

    I have the same issue, it first started off as a small spot around the size if a dime in the center of the screen and now it’s the size of a very large pickle. I contacted Samsung and they asked me to mail my unit back to the so the can investigate the issue. At least they were nice enough to pay for the shipping both to and fro.