Quick Look: Android Market July 2011

A few days ago, Google announced that they intended to update the Android Market for all devices running 2.2+. This of course means a polished and beautiful new Market for the original Galaxy Tab. Over the past 24 hours leaks of the apk have to trickle out all over the internet, and it’s expected that Google will push an official update in the coming days.

What can users expect? Well for starters the new Market is beautiful, very Windows Phone 7-esque, which as far as aesthetics go is a win for the Android community. What’s better is that the new market finally brings the full Market experience found on the web portal to phones (and 7 inch Samsung tablets). From the homepage you have access to apps, games, books, and movies. From my early test runs I’ve found that the new Market looks as good as it sounds. Google’s entire catalog of book and movie rentals are here, and organized into smart categories as well as sections for top rentals and staff picks.  Apps and games are now two separate categories which is better for the platform in the long run, and means better organization for users. There are reports of users being unable to rent movies because of being rooted or hardware issues. Just know that you will not be able to rent movies if you are rooted. Expect the Market app to update in the coming days.

And if you can’t wait that long, here’s a download of the new market APK
 Download: Android Market July 2011

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  • Richard SORLEY

    Just installed new APK on P1010 – works just great