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Tablet Gaming for 2: Pocket Soccer

When it comes to tablet gaming, the titles that seem to get the most attention are those that feature the latest graphics, the most action for your dollar. It comes as no surprise that the Android Market is filled with games that you may have never heard of that give your tablet new life with each play. Case in point; Pocket Soccer by RasterGrid Entertainment. This game has been out for quite a while, originally being released for phones as a single player only experience, and has since grown to include local multiplayer in addition to other much requested features.

Pocket Soccer is a digital take on a classic board game called “Button Football” (popular in the UK). The game is simple, players take turns sliding one of 3 discs that corresponds to your team in an attempt to knock a ball into the opponents goal. Much like air hockey apps translate perfectly from table to tablet, the same can be said about Pocket Soccer and it’s table top ancestor. The strategy can be as deep as the players choose to play, ranging from a casual game of sliding back and forth, to an intense tactics based experience depending on skill level. How fast to slide, where to slide, and the positioning of the rest of your team are constantly being juggled back and forth by each side and the experience is addicting.

Put simply, the game is perfect for tablets. Having a large screen makes this a perfect game to play with a friend on a tabletop surface. The game is also much easier to follow than say, a 2 player air hockey game, because the action is slower in pace, and there are more “players” on the field.  Unfortunately, local multiplayer games like this are few and far between on the Android Market, which really makes Pocket Soccer a must download if you’re looking to have some serious 2 player action on your Tab.

Android Market: Pocket Soccer

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