Galaxy Tab Gingerbread

UK Galaxy Tabs Gingerbread update is out now

Just as we reported earlier, the UK has already begun rolling out the Gingerbread update to the original 7 inch slates. It has taken Samsung ages to get this update out, but it is here at last. Unfortunately, the update is not OTA (over the air), but instead requires Samsung’s desktop client for the Galaxy Tab called Kies.

Report back your experiences with downloading the update.

Source: Unwired View

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  • Joe Bush

    My official update in Norway (not vendor locked) doesn’t add SIP and OTA functionality. Getting quite tired of Samsung.

  • Paulusknightus

    Updated my 7inch tab yesterday. It now reports itself as being at 2.3.3.

    It does seem a little smoother.

  • K Mather1

    Im in the uk and i have not got the update yet i connect my tab to kies and nothing, it says i already run the latest firmware! im still running on 2.2!

    • Adeelahmedd

      K Mather1…that’s cuz Samsung itself does not offer the gingerbread update for its P1000, otherwise KIES could have picked that…as i installed it the European release and my front camera stopped working so there are few hitches, that Samsung needs to see and its quite a time now, but due to there Cellphone products which are due to come or has come they need there sales to go rolling, later they might think of these tablets..

    • spacefly

      Yep me too! Now Gingerbread either on P1000 sim free. Come on Samsung pull ya finger out!

    • Ron Dunnett

      Yeah mine the same too, I think the author of this article is being a bit presumptiuos. Kies reports that I have the latest firmware: PDA:JMI, PHONE:JMA, CSC:JM5 (XEU) which equates to Froyo 2.2.1

      • Fayzmf

        Same thing here, Kies keeps telling me that Froyo is good enough for me!

  • oldblackburnian

    3rd August – still not arrived in UK for me – KIES tells me that Current Version PDA:KB9 / CSC:KBB (XEU) – “This is the latest firmware” – so still on Android 2.2 – anybody any idea what’s going on?

  • Andy Murie

    i have a galaxy tab 7″ and still dont have any updates . feeling my future purchases may not be samsung :( .

    • Disgruntled

      JM5 EXU, bought from Tesco unlocked and no update for me either

      • Ll

        Hello.  I read on another forumy thing that someone had been in touch with Samsung about some tabs not getting the update and he said “try again on friday, and if that doesn’t work – try the next friday”.
        I suppose it’s *something* 😛

        • Disgruntled

          yes, it’s b***** off and don’t bother us, seriously, whats the difference between our tabs and the ones that have gingerbread that requires so much work

  • Anonymous

    Too bad it is banned in UK … : []

    but luckily we still can get one from the Amazon for less than £185 pounds :)

    i have to say it is much BETTER than the hp Touchpad with the £89 deal. The touchpad is SLOW.

  • Keith Jordan

    With T-Mobile and still no sign of Gingerbread. Samsung really damaging their brand with this shoddy after-sales.

  • Andy Murie

    well have e-mailed samsung and they cant give me a straight answer they just say they dont know when it will be released for the 7″original. have rewritten to ask if it IS getting the upgrade and not when.

    • Steve

      Any reply from Samsung on 2.3 update ?

      • Tinal

        In the UK and just updated my tab to Gingerbread. Did it through Kies (which also needed an update) but not without some bother and what the screens on the pc called ’emergency recovery’, which was scary and bothersome. Seems OK now, but really wondering what difference it has made at the moment!

        • sofahippo

          What happened? I updated kies and nothing happened to my firmware on the tab

          • Kolop

            I waiting too. Tooooooo looooooong !!!

        • sofahippo

          What happened? I updated kies and nothing happened to my firmware on the tab