App of the Week – Feedly

RSS Feeds are all over the internet, practically every website has one. It is the best way to see when your favorite sites post new stories or articles instead of refreshing each websites page. Applications that show all of your RSS Feeds are called RSS Readers. This week’s App of the Week is an RSS Reader called Feedly.

Feedly is like many other RSS Readers out there, but it has two things going for it. The first thing is that it is free! Second is that the design is intuitive and beautifully simple.

The app will show all of your unread RSS Feeds in a myriad of different layouts. Though it is not as cool as Flipboard which is currently only available on the iPad. Here is hoping it will come to Android.

You can sync Feedly with your existing Google Reader account or use the app by adding your own feeds. Might I suggest adding GalaxyTabs.com’s feed to stay up to date on the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

You can download Feedly today from the Android Market for free. Enjoy elegant RSS Feeds on your tablet!


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