App of the Week – Scrabble

The recent TouchWiz update brought Words with Friends and made me realize how bad it really is. My friend and I had a lot of trouble connecting to a game and even when we did, it was very slow. It would take minutes to update after each turn. That is why this weeks App of the Week is Scrabble.

Scrabble is not a Honeycomb-optimized experience, but still works just fine. It will work perfectly on the original Galaxy Tab though. The game can only be played in portrait mode which is a bit of an annoyance but the gameplay makes up for it.

If you have ever played the original board game, then you will feel right at home with EA’s version of the game. The gameplay is quick and easy. The best part is that there is no wait time between turns (except for ads).

You can download Scrabble today for free from the Android Market.

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