Google I/O Tab Google Movies Update

Galaxy Tab 10.1 I/O gets update to rent movies

A new update is being pushed out to the lucky owners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s from Google I/O earlier this year. This update allows users to rent and download movies from the Movies section of the Android Market.

Google Movies is a relatively new feature that allows you to rent movies from Google and play them on your phone, tablet, or computer. So now you can drop $4 on a movie rental for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 I/O if you want. Or maybe you could just use Netflix instead.

Source: Android Central via Engadget

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  • Obamasucks

    This is why Netflix does not run.  Controlling the buyer. it should be illegal for any phone, tablet, etc to lock down their apps so you cannot delete or add things. It is just a sin for Samsung to not put Netflix on our tablets. Bad SAMSUNG!