German Galaxy Tab 10.1

German court rules in favor of Apple and grants an injunction against the Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple has gained some traction in one of the cases against the Galaxy Tab 10.1. German courts granted an injunction that is effective immediately. The injunction will prevent the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to be sold in Germany or any other country in the European Union except the Netherlands.

I am not 100% sure if that is the case though. The source (This is my Next) reports that the Tab will not be available in the EU until this is sorted out but also includes an official response from Samsung that seems to contradict that. Read it for yourself below.

Samsung is disappointed with the court’s decision and we intend to act immediately to defend our intellectual property rights through the ongoing legal proceedings in Germany and will continue to actively defend these rights throughout the world.


The request for injunction was filed with no notice to Samsung, and the order was issued without any hearing or presentation of evidence from Samsung.


We will take all necessary measures to ensure Samsung’s innovative mobile communications devices are available to customers in Europe and around the world.


This decision by the court in Germany in no way influences other legal proceedings filed with the courts in Europe and elsewhere.

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