Original Galaxy Tab gets video calling support with Skype

Skype has slowly been allowing more devices use video calling. The original Galaxy Tab just received support for this feature. You can even video call over 3G!

If you have the original Galaxy Tab, then you can download Skype for free from the Android Market.

There is no official support for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 at this time though. It looks like the original Galaxy Tab owners are the lucky ones this time.

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  • Tony Fannin

    Why no 10.1 love? I’ve been waiting for this so badly. I guess I’ll continue to use Google for video conferencing back home.

  • Sousamaster06

    It still is not working with my Galaxy Tab…

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      It may require 2.3. Have you updated to Gingerbread yet?

      • Marko

        you need to open your camera app first, switch to video, then to mms video, exit app then run skype and voila… you have video chat

        • Tasmiami

          Where is mms video?

  • Naseem Saadeddine

    its an amazing news and I have tested it however, the front facing camera will only work with Gingerbread not Froyo… on Froyo only the back camera will work.. make sure you enable Video Calling from the settings screen

    • Jam Jabb

      How is that?

  • Jam Jabb

    Indeed. Still not working on my galaxy tab. Can some share us how to do video calling?

  • Dj

    Tried on galaxy tab 7 but didn’t work. I get the option for video chat but nothing happens when I touch that option. I have enabled video chatting both in skype and galaxy settings.

  • Astrodean

    Skype video still not working on original galaxy tab, even after enabling all video features on latest version of Skype.

  • Anonymous

    Gingerbread is available in the US? 

  • Zubairomatic

    Updated….but front camera not working…..only supports back camera….
    plsss help…….

  • FlashyRudy

    You can select the option, but still doesn’t work ! Tried everything.

    • shaun

      it doesnt work,,everytime i do a video call i can see the other person but my video is blank..ive already enable back video in da settings menu..pls can anyone help me?

  • Imningy

    Video calling is still not working with my galaxy tab 7 froyo 2.2 creater told that if you use froyo(android 2.2 )only the back camera is work but i could not see my friend and my friend saw just a black screen and it still black for a long time, now i use the lastest version of skype for android. I have already enable video call on my skype, but it’s still not working, what can i do? does anyone know? Thank you

    Im thai, 14years old not so good at english, sorry if i type a wrong sentence

  • sruday

    Skype works beautifully on the Galaxy Tab P1000 if you have updated to Gingerbread. Thanks to the team at Skype.  I am enjoying Skype on my P1000

    • Jcorellanap

      Is nice to hear that someone has no problems with the tab! I still have the 2.2 froyo version, but despide of that works kind of good. The front camera records sideway and not straight at it ussually does it with the regular recording video.

  • Beckymiller117

    fail! Videodoes NOT work on the galaxy 10.1

  • Beckymiller117

    it doesn’t work…. suck suck suck!  Tony – which option do I choose on Google video for the Galaxy Tab 10.1?  I’m not as tech savvy as the kids. I”m not sure if I shold be choosing Debian or Fedora.

  • Sardanassherryl

    what is inside galaxy tab?thers also ym?email?and can put also a mobile sim for callinga nd txting?

  • Marko

    look at my reply for Sousamaster06  & Kyle in order to get it work on Froyo

  • Nica

    please tell me why galaxy tab unable to use the front camera?.. and in skype why i can’t see my video while I’m using my video call but i can only see the one i called?.. does any one can answer?..

  • Nica

    i love my galaxy tab.. its really enjoyable gadgets.. but how can i use the front cam when i used skype?.. why i can’t able to see myself while i only see the one i called?..

    • Spanolan

      same prob wid me also

  • Llko

    Hi people I wanted  you make all sure 100% the SAMSUNG GALAXY TAP does not supported  video calling with Skype!!! 

  • Asif


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  • Neene Alang

    skype dont work on my galaxy kept getting disconnected..any idea??

  • Areej

    On the main page, click the settings “button” (the one with a few horzontal lines), scroll down and select “Enable video …” (not sure of the text as tab is at home). There will be a message informing you that the device is not certified, but click the button which enables it anyhow. After that the option to make a video call should be there when you open a contact.

  • Fmutsi

    I am using the 10.1 tab and the video is not working

  • Hamzahsimjee10

    how to update to gingerbread on galaxy tab

  • Pandep4u

    i have a origanal galaxy tab but skype vidio is not working..

  • Jcorellanap

    It works on my 7 inch tablet (2.2 froyo), but the camara of the device does not record right. When i start the videocall i have to choose between watching my friend in the right position or let him watch me in the right position, it apears like when you turn a camera for a side. So it started to run on my tab, but still not perfect at all. If you have some advice or know how to fix this problem ill be thankfull!

  • Shanzasohail

    Plssss help me with my problem . . My skype video call is working on my tablet 7 inches one but when i start the call my camera always show me tilted towards right or left or updown never straight i judt dont know what to do

    • Fgsancahez30

      same also mine

  • Sothy

    My galaxy Tab p1000, when i call video skype the video camera all way turn my picture to landscape type

  • Fgsancahez30

    I’m using videocall in skype ang front camera turn landscape how can turn to portrait,,, pls help,,,

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  • Petra

    my galaxy tab 2.7 refuses to download the skype android app– do you know why? what can i do?