TouchWiz UX Update

TouchWiz UX update coming August 5th to Galaxy Tab 10.1s

Samsung gave a lucky few the TouchWiz UX update in NYC today. They also announced that the update would be available as an OTA update on Friday August 5th.

The update comes with a lot of new features. You get Live Panels, Mini Apps Tray, Indicator Quick Panel, and a better Clipboard.

Here is how you can check for updates on your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Are you excited about the TouchWiz UX update Friday?

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  • Kurtis Wichmann

    Directly from Samsung Customer Service. Samsung does plan to support ICS updates for Tab 10.1 wifis purchased directly from Samsung. If you, like bought one from them because you were tired of being gouged by AT&T you, and I lose. We bought an anchor that will never be up to date. Chew on that for a while, then tell Samsung what you think. Anyone know where to pirate ICS?