ZooGue Galaxy Tab 10.1 Case Genius Black Leather Review

Some case are made just to protect your new toy and some are made to add functionality. ZooGue’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 Case Genius Black Leather tries to do both. But should you buy this case for you Galaxy Tab 10.1? Read more to find out.

First I would like to talk about how the case looks and feels. It is covered head to toe in a black leather that looks quite professional. The front is also accented with black velcro straps that do actually take some of the high quality feel away from the case. We will get into why they are there later. The inside of the case is made up of a felt material that looks fairly bland. But all in all, the case does look sleek and high quality.

This case offers a decent amount of protection. The leather case will protect the screen from any scratches. Even though the Tab is extremely thin, you can put it in a backpack with this case and not have to worry about books hurting it.

All of the ports are accessible at all times. That is something that not all cases can say, even though it is such an obvious feature. Both of the cameras and flash are even exposed and work perfectly.

Genuine Leather
Ports and cameras open
Adjustable Stand
Velcro and felt take away from the high quality look

Now we can get on to the cool features about the case. It has a built-in, adjustable stand! This is where the velcro on the front comes in. When you open the case up the two strips of velcro will be lined up with the stand attached to the back. It can be adjusted to nearly any angle, but is not very sturdy on the extreme angles. The case also works as a portrait stand, though the angle cannot be adjusted.

The last feature has to do with the elastic strap attached to the back of the case. It was designed to attach the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the back of a car headrest or to fasten around your hand so you will not drop it. Kids would enjoy watching videos on mounted Tab on a roadtrip. It is an ingenious feature. When I fastened the strap around my hand though, it did not made the tablet feel any more secure. Instead I just hold the tablet with my hand and that works fine.

This is without a doubt the best case I have ever reviewed. The worst thing about the case is its price. You will have to spend $50 to buy it from, but if you have the money it is not a bad way to spend it. Get $5 off with coupon code GalaxyTabs.

Rating: 9/10

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