Skype for Galaxy Tab 10.1

Galaxy Tab 10.1 finally gets Skype video calling

The original Galaxy Tab has had video calling for quite a while now, but it is time for the big brother to join the party (as well as other Honeycomb tablets).

Download Skype now from the Android Market and get your video calling on! Please let us know how it works in the comments below.

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  • Adam Borodo

    Yes! It working like a charm!! :)

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  • Findjunior

    Video options greyed out in menu. Thailand

    • Emc Tan

      thx for ur message… now i can video call with my tab already… thx

    • Mobilephil

      Hello find junior I’m having same issues. Did you find answer to solving. Problem. Thanks.

  • Joanne Vasev

    Oh I am so excited i cant wait to get home and update my app to use the video calling!! 

  • Fmutsi

    I cant seem to get the video calling to work on my side. Someone please help

  • Shamsudin S66

    Can’t find the video call in the menu. Only the voice call available. Any idea why? Malaysia

  • Joanne Vasev

    I have no video option either i have done a new instal. Where do i find the video option?

    • Dzonasb

      Go to skype setings and set enable video calling

  • Tanken1
  • Albert Einstein

    For those that downloaded the latest Skype on their Galaxy 10.1 and still can not do video calling, try these steps.

    I am writing it “for dummies” so everyone understands it:

     Start your Skype app.

    Once you see the blue Skype screen, tap on your bottom BLACK Galaxy toolbar (the one which you normally use for Home / Back)

    You need the NEW button that has 3 horizontal stripes on top of other. That is called the MENU button.

    Once you tap on that, you will see all those options you could not find before. Go to Settings, enable video calling

    • Vandyktjie

      Thank you very much for this info. Your info for dummies really worked for this blond.

    • Marianabrv

      How do I start the Skype app?

  • Albert Einstein

    while this was he first in line which popped up from Google, i hope this Will help those who cannot find the video enabling settings. Kind regards from the Netherlands.

  • pete

    Skype for Android (Samsung Galaxy10.1) does’nt work! It’s impossible to make videocall!!!!

  • Jhkhalid

    It does not work for video call

  • Catherine

    we have it working except the video coming from the tablet is on its side, can anyone help with this please

    • Unekquiatchie

      Same with me, i had it working today but the video was tilted can anyone help us out with the video settings? cheers

  • Immitearmstrong

    Its live

  • form

    I want to see a comparing b/t ipad and galaxy tab

  • Ae Apts

    Does skype only work on the 3g models _ can you make it work on the wi fi only model

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      It works on my Wi-Fi model

  • Annonceannonceur

    Hi ,

    I installed Skype on my Galaxy tab 10.1 …. and when i make a video call the video is jerky :s any idea ? i use the last official version of the Galaxy tab et the last version of Skype .

    Thanks !

  • dhong

    How about samsung galaxy tab.2 ,is there any solution???

  • Frank

    Video works only oneway, i can see me on the tab and the others see me, too, but i can´t see the others. There´s only a black screen, anyone with the same problem ore a solution?Thx!

  • Debbie Anderson Abbott

    The video is only working one. All I see is myself and not my daughter who I really want to see. What have I done wrong??????