No Galaxy Tab 10.1 for Germany. Ever. (Update)

The German court made a final decision today to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 permanently. Sorry German folks but the court rules in defense of Apple claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was too similar to the design of the iPad 2. The doctored pictures did not seem to change the court’s mind.

I am not sure what the fate of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will be or what this means for the rest of Europe. All I know is that I am very disappointed.

Update: This may have been premature, but it does not look good for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Source: This is my Next

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  • Hartmut

    Are you sure abut “ever”?

    1st this only affects Samsung itself, dealers are still free to buy from Samsung in other countries and then bring devices to Germany and sell them there

    2nd as far as i understood the court just refused to pull back the temporary decision (“Einstweilige Verfügung”), as far as i can tell there was still no real decision on the case yet?

  • Lindsay Reid

    What a ridiculous headline. The judgement only upholds the original temporary injucnction and Samsung have the right to appeal both in the German courts and, if they wish, all the way up to the European Court.

    The original source of your story at Bloomberg clearly states that Samsung will appeal.

    If you are going to run a website/blog – please keep it accurate!