Photoshop Touch for Honeycomb

Adobe debuts Photoshop Touch for Honeycomb (Video)

Adobe announced a sweet of apps last week, but most notably Photoshop Touch. Wait didn’t Adobe already release Photoshop for Android? They do have an app called Adobe Photoshop Express which is just a run of the mill photo editor for basic filters, cropping, ect.

Photoshop Touch is actually good enough to carry the Photoshop name. That is why it costs $9.99. Check out the highlights below.

  • Work with core Photoshop tools designed for tablets.
  • Use your tablet camera to fill area on a layer.
  • Select part of image to extract by scribbling.
  • Perform Google searches and share images on Facebook right in the app.
  • Auto-sync files to PC or Mac and open in Photoshop.

There is no release date yet, but hopefully it will come out soon.

Source: Adobe

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  • Cecilia A.R

    How do you get it?! Ive looked in android market and cant find it

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      It’s not out yet

  • Jtee

    Doesn’t work on GT10.1v :(