App Of The Week – ASTRO

The app we have showcased today is called ASTRO.

Astro is a file management application on the Android market, offered for un-rooted users, as well as rooted users. This application has a lot to offer! For a file management app, this is my favorite, because it also support Honeycomb 3.1!! It is an easily usable app with a beautiful interface.

On entering the application, you will see a menu. At the top selection as always, you have File Manager, you also have Task Killer and Application Backup as well!

Once entering the File Manager you already see a beautiful blue scheme ui. It is very eye popping and accessible. On entering in the very main window you will see the list of folders you have in your internal memory. To the left of this window is the “Places” bar, which allows you to switch between Internal Memory, SD Card, USB Storage, Downloads, etc., as well as your bookmarks. To the left of this you have your UP button, to go up one folder, Your Multi button, which opens up a new bar over that and allows you to select multiple files at once, and copy, move, select all, delete, and you ZIP feature, much like selecting multiple folders in windows. You can change the view, as a list, or as a grid of folders in your main window. You also have your Back, Next, Drag, refresh, new, and sort button.

At the top you have your Tools, which allow you to switch back and forth between your App Backup, SD Card Usage, Task Usage, and File Manage. You can also use Bluetooth, and there is a special button up there for networks. You have your Help center, search, and menu, so you can set bookmarks, preferences, or exit the application.

This is a great app to use for managing apps, and has great extra features as well, it is my choice as the best File Manager out there! Download ASTRO from the Android Market.

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