iBallz Review – Gone Universal! For Galaxy Tabs!

iBallz has been universal for a bit now, but a lot of you may not know that!

iBallz is a case replacement, that offers very great protection for tablets, but was invented originally for the iPad.

Now, they have the iBallz Minis, available for all tablets, including the Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Tab 10.1v.

I ordered the iBallz Minis in black almost a week ago and got them just a couple days back. And I already have a lot to say about these.

You are probably wondering, how do these things work? These “iBallz” are actually hard, durable, foam balls that fit on the corners of your tablet, all connected with this strong, elastic, soft black cord that connects them all. These balls have cornered slits cut into them to fit the balls on the corners of your tablet. These balls can also be loosened and tightened as well with an adjuster, so it is not fit to just one tablet.

The iBallz Minis protects against drops and spills. By testing these when I got them, I dropped it by the height of my couch cushions and it was fine. I dare not drop it any higher than that, because personally, I’m really careful with my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I see how nicely they test against spills as well, because they lift the actual tablet off the surface it is sitting on.

I’ve found quite a few useful ways to use these as well, though, I’m not the only one. You can use it as a stand, by taking one ball off, positioning it in the middle-back of the tablets, and tightening the cord. Even though it is just a ball tilting it, I surprisingly found my tablet to be very stable, without any wobbling. The elasticity of the cord is nice as well, you can keep it very tight yet the cord still can be stretched, and put back, without the balls moving, like a picture frame. You can actually hang your tablet onto a handle, or knob and it will stay stable, which is nice for cooking in the kitchen.

The iBallz do not cover any ports, your pin, speakers, headphone jack, and buttons are fully accessible. On to the feel, well, I can’t really describe the feeling of the foam balls. They are rather soft, and rough at the same time. The cord is also quite soft and not uncomfortable to hold on to. If I’m typing with Thumb Keyboard the things don’t get in the way, and they actually provide me with some extra comfort for my palms, instead of the thin border of my tablet, which is also nice for gaming.

Overall, I love these things! I’ve used these a couple days already. I’ve watched movies, played games, and a lot more with the iBallz Minis on. This is a great case-replacement product! I’m very excited to use these in the future, and I have not found any cons associated with these. Anyone who wants and needs durable and stable protection for their tablet, I highly recommend these.

iBallz Minis can be bought (for $19.95 USD) on their website.

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