News Republic

News Republic is a powerful news reader that’s easy on the eyes

News Republic offers a truly new and refreshing take on news reader apps. With a focus on article discovery and topic organization, users can simply enter a personal interest and find hundreds of articles on the topic, many from websites they’ve never visited.

News Republic is intended to be an all in one stop for online news by pulling articles from thousands of different websites and then organizing them by topic. Users create their own personal categories based on what interests them, and News Republic fills those categories with new article from relevant websites. One of News Republic’s finer traits is navigation, with a slick two panel design that makes browsing your custom news channels a breeze. Overall the app works quite well, with the occasional hiccup due to unreliable connections or broken links, but these are few and far between. There’s something to be said about an app that delivers thousands of relevant articles based on a topic of your choosing, and is why News Republic is my go to news reader for the Galaxy Tab.

Taking things one step further, MobilesRepublic has other versions of News Republic that specify on a certain topic, for Android fans there’s Appy Geek, for finance buffs there’s Biz Report.

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