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Widgets for your Honeycomb powered desktop

Widgets are and always have been a marquee feature of Android. One of the benefits of having a tablet sized screen is access to widgets that can provide more information than those found on smart phones. If you’re the kind of person who’s on their tablet more than a traditional computer, widgets can help you access information faster.

Recently, I’ve come across two useful and aesthetically pleasing Honeycomb widgets that are sure to help organize your mobile desktop.

First we have Tabr, a multipurpose widget that aims to replace several of the pre-installed Google widgets. Tabr comes with several functions you’d expect, such a bookmark organizer, access to your calendar, and contacts. However what sets Tabr apart is the optional module add-ons you can download separately from the Android Market that further expand the widget’s capability. For example, the Tabr social module adds Facebook and Twitter functionality.

Next up is Sticky Notes HD, perfect for those who miss the life less digital. While sticky notes may not be quite as organized or clean as a regular calendar widget, they more than make up for it with charm. When you create a note you are given an editing screen where you can write and draw whatever you want by hand. The handwritten doodle look gives every note created that old school handwritten feel, giving your homescreens a bit more character.

Check out Tabr and Super Sticky Notes HD; both are free to download.

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