T-Mobile Galaxy Tabs to get Ice Cream Sandwich update

Will we see Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Ice Cream Sandwich is going to be revealed with the Nexus Prime on October 19th. The Nexus Prime is rumored to be Samsung built, meaning that the Samsung Mobile team has had plenty of hands on time with the Ice Cream Sandwich code. I am confident that we will see an official update from Samsung with ICS on-board, but it will not be any time soon.

Devices usually get one to two big software updates from manufactures. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has received one, Touchwiz UX, but it was not an update to Android core so I do not suspect it will count. It was the software that Samsung had hoped to launch with day one. Samsung has yet to release an update to Honeycomb 3.2, from 3.1, but that is because 3.2 mainly brings support for smaller screen sizes.

The original Galaxy Tab got one major software update from Froyo 2.2 to Gingerbread 2.3 but it took many, many months to be released. I suspect the same thing will happen with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other second generation Galaxy Tabs. Sadly the original never got an official version of Honeycomb or even a hacked version worth using because Honeycomb’s source was never released. Ice Cream Sandwich’s source should be released to the public though and ROM makers will be able to throw something together sooner than Samsung will. We might even see an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on the original Galaxy Tab. Wouldn’t that be something?

We currently do not know what Ice Cream Sandwich will bring as far as features, but it will combine Honeycomb and Gingerbread smoothly and hopefully bring APIs for app developers to build for both tablets and phones simultaneously. We will find out exactly what is in store for Ice Cream Sandwich soon enough though.

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  • Anonymous

    should i hold off on buying a 10.1 then?

    • https://www.galaxytabs.com Kyle Dornblaser

      Depends on a lot of things. Id say it is about a quarter way through its life cycle and we will see a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 (quad core) next summer.
      Unless you want to wait that long, I suggest purchasing a 10.1, 8.9, or 7.7 if you are interested. I’m sure they will all see a ICS update by the time the next generation is out.

  • Anonymous

    well i really hope it get ICS because i ordered mine yesterday!

  • Edpcallahan

    My Galaxy Tab doesnt have Gingerbread 2.3?????

    • Jaboydmagic

      Edpcallahan…….download samsung kies it’ll, update you to gingerbread

  • S_arjmandi

    I am getting really disappointed with galaxy tab 10.1, in addition to crapy userinterface, ugly icons, it does not run flash very well and most of the times the browser crashes.

    The screen rotation sensor is too sensetive and when it should not, keeps rotating the screen with slight tilts…. Also the auto dimming makes the screen go dark and back in the middle of watching a video or typing emails… Overall not too impressed with honeycomb.

    I hope ICS solves some of these issues before i put my samsumg galaxy for sale and get an ipad!

    • Black Kixs

      you neen to take your samsung tab back my tab works great and the browser never crashes

    • Duke

      I have generally all of those same issues, but I believe you can change the timing on the dim in the settings and you may even be able to change the sensitivity to the auto rotate. I would dive into the settings and see. However, Black – those issues are pretty darn common so lets not act like they warrant a return. 

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  • danishboy

    My browser and YouTube app crashes very often, like after 1 video, can I earthen out to Samsung? Will ICS fix it?

    Btw I have nothing installed, OS is fresh and pre installed apps are all up to date, no idea why they keep crashing….

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  • jxb767

    I dont think this Ice Cream sandwich Update is coming anytime soon. Does it really take that long to get an update.. Am begining to wonder if I should of bought a Asus transformer prime instead.

  • Markgibney12

    is there a date for ics on the 10.1 wifi tab yet..?

  • Tahianjink

    Ass hole Samsung !!
    I had tab 10.1 and there no update to ics at all…….
    They are not care the costumer …..!
    Do not buy anything from samsung ……

  • GMScott

    Holy Hell!

    This article was written way back in October of 2011. What a joke!!!