App Of The Week – My Country

My Country is a game that has been out for quite some time now. I originally started playing this on my iPod Touch 4g, but got kind of angry because of the small screen. I recently learned it was out on Android, and found it worked GREAT on my tablet!

My Country is one of those city-farming games, as I like to call it. There are a lot of city-farming/building games out there and this one seems to blow the other’s out of the arena.

The aim-of-the-game is to make a large, beautiful city (Or Country). Like any others though, you have to earn experience points, level up, and rack in a lot of that cash. You can do this by collecting rent from Residential places, Business, and several different Industries as well. This game reminds me more of a Sims City game than any other however, because you also have to build different power stations and keep your Ecology up to place certain buildings, and also, you can place buildings, roads, lakes/rivers, etc. anywhere on the map that is open.

This game looks great on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well with its 2.5D Graphics. It has a very easy layout and the UI is easy on the eyes. The game also has this sort of eye-candy feel to it.

My only flaw is the game takes a while to progress. If you are patient enough however you will not have to buy any in-game currency. The game speeds up as you go though, and helps you along as well with different “Ventures” or tasks to complete to help you on your way up. This is a great app and is a lot of fun! Download My Country from the Android Market for free.

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  • Ejomlexus On Twitter

    Yeah, good thing you remind me of this game. I so hate this on my Ipod touch as well.