Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gumdrop Drop Tech Series Case (WiFi and 4G) Review

There are few cases out there that offer complete protection for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but this one does just that!

This case made by Gumdrop, is a complete, wrapped around, fully protected case for this tablet.

On opening the box, it was difficult for me to get the case open. It has 2 pieces, and when first trying to take it apart, you may have some trouble, but don’t worry, after the first time, it’s less complicated to figure out how to get the case off of the tablet.

The case is a beautifully, well designed case. This case comes in a variety of four colors; red, black, pink, and white. There are multiple layers of the case as well. The outer shell of the case you see is a thick, rugged rubber material. The rubberized corners of the case are reinforced as well to offer more shock absorbency.

Once you get past the rubber, you see a strong, thick plastic as well. I don’t want to say it is just plastic, because it feels a lot more than that.  This plastic frame is what the tablet slides and clips into. With the rubber off, the back is exposed, so you can snap the corners down onto the corners of the tablet as well. The snaps are VERY strong, so you don’t have to worry about it ever unsnapping. The plastic frame inside the frame actually holds the built-in screen protector, which I personally love a LOT. The ports are also covered by the same thick construction grade rubber outside as well, and the front piece of the plastic allows your front camera to be usable easily. The rubber is thick, so you actually do not have to worry a thing any kind of liquids, dusts, or anything else from getting inside your ports. The actual rubber port covers fit inside the frame for the port as well, and still keeps the great shape to the tablet as well, also, there are no covers for the speakers, so you get the same great surround sound you should from your Galaxy Tab 10.1, and also offers a hole for your mic. One thing I failed to mention was that the front not only shows the front camera, but that extra space is for the sensors.

The screen protector is very nice as well, and is replaceable, so do NOT worry a whole lot if you ware it out. It does not take away from any sensitivity on touching your screen as well, when using the case, you will not even realize the screen protector is there.

The quality of this case is an absolute 10!

The ONE thing I didn’t too much care for, was it seemed to make my tablet a little heavier. This doesn’t bother me too much however, and shouldn’t bother you as well. The added weight is completely acceptable because of how industrial-strength this case actually is.

This is an awesome full-covered case to use, and I highly recommend this case for anyone.

You can buy the case for $49.95 USD at GumDropCases.com

Thank you Gumdrop Cases for the great case!

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