Galaxy Tab 10.1 3.2

Galaxy Tab 10.1 update available, safe to install now

Samsung has fixed the bug that plagued the last 3.2 update. If you did not install the last update, then you can download and install this one the normal way via the settings app and checking for updates. Those who did install the last update and are having Wi-Fi problems may need to plug into their computer and install it via Samsung Kies.

Earlier this morning, Samsung began releasing an over the air software update allowing Galaxy 10.1 users to upgrade to Android 3.2 while also resolving a Wi-Fi connectivity issues some Galaxy 10.1 users experienced following a previous software update. For Galaxy 10.1 users who are experiencing Wi-Fi connectivity issues and are unable to reconnect, the new software update may be downloaded and installed via Samsung’s Kies desktop app.

Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

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  • spam

    Anyone seen this update in Canada yet?  Checked several times today, not yet available.

    • Kryton619

      Still waiting in Ontario

  • tabuser

    Updated last night, had to use kies, it failed on OTA.  Anyway, seems a little snappier and more responsive. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m not seeing an update available on my tab or via KIES.  Stuck at 3.1 (HMJ37.XXKG6 P7510XXKG6).

      is there a way to short circuit the process, or just sit and wait for Samsung to get around to it?

      • Amusing6

        i have the same issue!

  • Risk

    Latest 3.2 (63.12MB) GT-P7510 Ver. upgrade

    My results,

    Failed via OTA:
    “Failed to upgrade firmware.  Try again…” every attempt (TWELVE times total)
    (after reboot the progress bar gets to 18% and then boots with above error message)

    Failed via KIES (USB):
    “downloading firmware upgrade components” -> failed 70% of attempts
    “Firmware upgrade process” -> failed 100%
    (usually with “The operation timed out” after taking 20 minutes to reach 2% done)

    I’ve tried the KIES upgrade method OVER FIFTY TIMES from four different Internet connections (two different ISPs: Time Warner and Verizon FIOS)

    Samsung has apparently hired incompetent fools to support their software division.  It unfortunately imbues the otherwise magnificent hardware with the specific malodorous stink of canine feces.

  • eric

    have the 3.2 update installed but now cannot conect to kies. error message says “no sim card installed”. my model is the GT-P7510 32 gb wifi only model. Any suggestions.

  • Mnshuib

    I don’t see the update here in Malaysia… Anyone else from here manage to upgrade to 3.2?

  • marco

    After update my screen capture button is gone how can i get it back