ZENUS Galaxy Tab 2 / Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leather Case ‘Masstige’ Summer Marine Pouch Series Review

Another great product by ZENUS!

This is a pouch (or more commonly known as a Sleeve) for the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

To start off, this pouch is very well designed. It comes in 2 color schemes, Fierce Red and Royal Navy! This is also a leather case from the Masstige series. I love the leather, it feels and looks absolutely fantastic! Because it is a pouch, it does not have any open places for ports or speakers. The design of the colored part of the pouch (which in my case would be Royal Blue) looks to me like a sort of reptile skin, which is really unique. I also love the striped design of the leather. The pouch is kept closed with a nice magnetic leather piece as well. The magnets should keep it closed exactly the way it should be, for the rest of eternity, Velcro wares out, so I give this a big plus for that as well!

The inside of the pouch feels nice, and is sure to not scratch your tablet what-so-ever. It’s a very comfortable fit, and you won’t have any problems trying to slide it in or out. The top of the pouch is open as well, so you don’t have to worry about taking it out to turn it on, off, or volume. I like this personally because while it’s in its pouch I can listen to music, and control volume as I do so. The inside is also very airtight, so don’t worry if the bottom dips into water, or if you spill water on it. This pouch is also extremely strong, so I wouldn’t worry about it dropping off a table or lap height.

Overall, it’s a very beautiful, safe pouch for your Galaxy Tab 10.1! This luxurious pouch will protect your Galaxy Tab while traveling, and also looks great!

This pouch is $39.99 USD on

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