Netflix receives official Honeycomb upgrade

Netflix recently gave their Android app a much needed overhaul for tablet devices. The update makes browsing potential titles easier than ever, all while looking gorgeous on a full sized screen.

When I initially purchased my Galaxy Tab one of the earliest desires I had for the device was to watch TV and movies on that beautiful display, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone with my desires. I eagerly waited for Netflix support to come, but when it did it was a slow staggered launch with no official tablet support. Netflix has at long last rectified the situation, and it looks like the wait was worth it.

Put simply, Netflix for Honeycomb is fantastic. Everything has been rebuilt from the ground up for tablets, from the navigation layout, to the high resolution thumbnails found when browsing your digital library of choices. One of the greatest editions is the new “Continue Watching” bar (as seen in the pic above). Now mobile users can pick up where they left off in their recently viewed section, and are greeted with a thumbnail reminding them exactly which scene was viewed last.
This is easily one of the best Netflix viewers out there, in my opinion; it even gives the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions a run for their money. Netflix is finally starting to treat Android with the attention the platform deserves, even releasing Honeycomb support before the iPad version, which is currently slated for a 2012 launch. Ouch.

Netflix for Tablets is free of charge for Netflix subscribers.

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  • X3HaloEd

    I find the UI to be very slow on my GT 10.1. Does it run well for you?

    • Nick Moore 92

      My performance varies from smooth to sluggish, hopefully future updates will fix this.