Review: Adobe Photoshop Touch brings powerful image editing to tablets

If you’re a photographer, graphic designer, or anyone interested in powerful image manipulation, Adobe Photoshop is the go to program on PC and Mac. Up until recently, if you wanted to edit images on your Tab you had a lackluster group of very basic image editing apps, most focused on simple one click filters and effects. Now, we have Adobe Photoshop Touch, a fully featured version of Photoshop built from the ground up for tablet devices After spending considerable time with the app I can report that Photoshop Touch is a triumph of mobile computing, allowing for deep image manipulation, with very usable touch screen controls.

Above is a typical work space screenshot from Photoshop Touch. Those who are familiar with CS Photoshop will instantly recognize the tools and layers panels, as well as the various option menus at the top of the screen. Selecting a layer or tool is accomplished with a simple tap, and using tools like brushes control exactly as you’d expect, with simple swiping gestures to replicate interacting with an actual piece of paper. The entire package is very powerful; however there are a few limitations. For now, you’re limited to a total of 16 layers, with the maximum image size at 1600 by 1600. Light to medium image projects need not apply; however, highly complex designs may be a little cramped with these limitations in place. You can also move Photoshop files from your tablet to edit on your PC, so long as you have an updated copy of CS5.

In addition to the array of image editing options, Photoshop Touch also comes with some impressive bonus features. There is an included Google Image search tool to help you gather photos to edit, which is a huge time saver as opposed to using the stock browser. Users are also given options to link their Facebook account to directly download and upload photos. You can even view comments and feedback within Photoshop. Combine these features with a sharp file browsing system and you have a recipe for image editing heaven, I’ve come away very impressed, and I can’t wait to see what Adobe does next.

Photoshop Touch carries a price tag of $9.99, and if you’re looking for a real image editor for your tablet it’s worth every penny.

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