Wizz Bar keeps your favorite apps at your fingertips

At the center of the Honeycomb experience is the navigation bar. Always at the bottom of the screen, the navigation bar allows users to jump to any open application, to their home screens, or back to their previous screen. Now, thanks to Wizz Bar, the navigation bar has become even more powerful.

To give a brief overview, with Wizz Bar you can create a list of commonly used apps, or favorite apps, and then make a shortcut tray for them that will always be accessible at the bottom of the screen.  After you build your list, you simply tap the center of the navigation bar, and your Wizz Bar apps will appear, simplifying navigation between applications. It’s intuitive, and incredibly useful, almost to the point of feeling as if this is the sort of feature that should have been built into Honeycomb in the first place. Because the navigation bar never leaves the screen in Honeycomb, your Wizz Bar app tray will always be a tap away, and this is without a doubt the key to Wzz Bar’s usefulness. Google take note, Wizz Bar gives Honeycomb a slick new navigation tool that feels like it should have been there all along.

Grab Wizz Bar and breathe new life into your Honeycomb navigation bar.

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