ZENUS Galaxy Tab 2 / Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leather Case ‘Masstige’ Band Series Review

First, I want to say how AMAZING this case is!

The ZENUS Leather Case “Masstige” band series, for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, is both innovative, and gorgeous to look at.

To start off with the design, it looks absolutely beautiful. You can get this exact case in either a Light Beige, or a Black Chocolate, what you see in the pictures I have here, is the Black Chocolate. This is made of, you guessed it, leather! This is the highest quality leather case, I have ever seen. The leather looks and feels very luxurious as well. The clip that keeps both sides together is magnetic, which I like because it ensures it will not ware out (unlike Velcro).

Once you open it, it has one side, where you can place your tablet. This side has leather clips to hold your tablet in place as well, and the nice felt on this side will also keep your tablet’s back scratch-free. It also has open ports for your 3.5mm headphone jack on top, camera and flash on back, speakers on the side, and mic and 30-pin dock on the bottom. Having all ports accessible is a huge plus for me! On the other inside-side, you have another felt side, with your leather straps, to slide your hands in, and your leather stands as well.

This case has great functionality. As I said before, it protects from scratches, and has all ports accessible. This case is also lightweight, which is another huge plus for me considering I don’t like the uncomfortable feeling of very heavy cases. When using this as well, I’ve found it to have a lot of grip! When it’s closed, my fingers don’t slip on the leather at all. When the case is opened, I found the two leather straps (which are connected by elastic fabrics to the case) to be very helpful! Personally, I don’t think anyone could have done better implementing straps into the design. When you hand is in the strap it is tight, but not uncomfortable. The straps work in any direction you use the device, which is nice if you are on a train, bus, or airplane and want to watch a movie.

The two stands on the back are very nice to have, and are very sturdy as well. I have also found out that the stands are magnetically stuck to the case, so they don’t flop around. The one shorter stand sits at a low angle, perfect enough to type on without a physical keyboard. The taller, wider stand sits at about a 45-55 degree angle, which is nice for watching videos and playing around with the new Photoshop application.

Overall, I absolutely love this case. It is sleek, clean, attractive, strong, lightweight, gorgeous, and has amazing functionality.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a luxurious leather case (or any case in general).

This case is $59.99 USD, and is worth every penny.

You can buy this case on

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