App Review: OnLive for Android!

Well, you’ve guessed it, OnLive is now on Android!

What is OnLive? OnLive is a gaming network, and allows you to play your favorite console and PC Games on your PC, TV, Mac, and now Android. What’s so special about this you ask? Well, it’s gaming on the cloud! Everything is stored on cloud servers. This means you don’t have to download a thing, saving all your precious space on your Tablet, and smartphones!

This network is very open. On a PC you can play with players that are on Android, Mac, or even the Console, all at once! You can play the tip top games, like Dirt 3, Lego Batman, A kingdom for Keflings, Darksiders, Split/Second, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, L.A. Noire, and so much more as well!

All you have to do, is sign up, and start playing! You can play any game as a trial, for 30 minutes, as many times as you would like! Also, you can pay for games for the regular $49.99 or $59.99 but most of them are on sale. You also have the choice to pay $9.99/month for OnLive Service, where you get a “PlayPack” Which allows you to play about 180+ games for just the price of the service, unlimited.

On entering the app, and signing in of course, you will see a crazy menu. In the menu you have your OnLive Dash, Arena, Profile, Marketplace, My Games, Showcase, Last Played, Brag Clips, and your Friends. The arena is a very neat feature, which allows you to spectate a choice of thousands of live feeds of people playing! This is very cool, as you can Cheer (Thumb up) or Jeer (Thumb Down) as many times as you would like basing on their performance while playing the game.

Your OnLive Dash is a popup with the sections About, your Settings, Quick Launch games, Service, and your Messages. You can access the dash whenever you please, even in the middle of playing a game. The Marketplace is exactly what it is, the marketplace, where you can get trials of games, or even buy them. (There is a “Touch” section for games optimized for tablets and smartphones). Your showcase is the news section, where you can see OnLive updates and offers as well. In your profile, you can see a member’s Join date, Last Visit, Play Time, Style, motto, games, friends, and brag clips.

What are brag clips you ask? Well, this is cool. When you are in-game, you can press the little red record button, and it takes a clip of you last 10 seconds. You can watch these clips whenever you like, and also share them on Facebook.

I’ve been playing on OnLive for a few days now, and I love it. When you sign up with your tablet or smartphone (Granted your smartphone can use OnLive or not), you get a free game, which would be Lego Batman. Let me tell you, I’ve been playing about 8 hours on Lego Batman and about 4 on Dirt 3 and Split/Second. These 3 games work well and are optimized for the on-screen controls as well.

When in a game, no matter what, your onscreen controls will popup. You can always toggle them on and off however, which is what I do to get to my Dash. Personally, I use my Logitech Android 3.0+ Keyboard for playing games, and will use the Logitech Bluetooth mouse once I get it, for the Keyboard and mouse games like Homefront and Battle: Los Angelos.

This is my favorite gaming experience I think I have ever had, and I own an Xbox 360. The games are outstanding, and not to mention you can play all of them on full quality settings since its cloud based. OnLive also has their own Universal controller for both Androids, PCs, and so on for playing with a controller, which is quite unique but has about the same buttons as an Xbox 360 controller. OnLive also has their own Console, which is about the size of my hand, with 2 USB ports, and a power button, but you need an HDTV to use it with.

This is the BEST game network on the Android Tablets. I totally recommend this for any casual, family, or hardcore gamer out there. It is totally fun and useful to have.

So what do you think? Leave a comment. Also, if anyone would like to send me a Friend Request, My username is TheMatthewBe, send a message if you would like. Happy Gaming!

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