Game Review: World of Goo

Finally, at long last, 2D Boy’s fantastic physics puzzler World of Goo has gracefully made the jump to Android. If you’ve never played World of Goo you’re in for a real treat, it’s rare to see a game with an art style as impressive as its gameplay is addicting.

What is it about World of Goo that makes it such an indie classic beloved by all who play it? In a word, it’s charm. In reality it’s so many little things that add up to make the overall experience an incredibly memorable one. On paper the game sounds simple; this is a physics puzzler where you create structures to accomplish objectives. In practice, the experience is immersive, with a unique look all its own, topped off with an amazing soundtrack that only adds to the one of a kind atmosphere. If you’re going to play World of Goo, do yourself a favor and pop in some headphones.

World of Goo is a joy to play on a tablet device, the original Wiimote controls translate perfectly to the touchscreen, and there’s a sense of wonder gleamed from holding such an impressive title in your hands. The full game runs for $4.99, and there’s a demo available as well. If you regard your Galaxy Tab as a gaming device you’d be wise to pick up World of Goo, far too few apps deliver the sort of entertainment this game provides.

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