Galaxy Note CM9

Galaxy Note gets Ice Cream Sandwich via CyanogenMod 9 experimental build

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has already gotten a KANG ROM of CyanogenMod 9. A KANG ROM being a ROM compiled by somebody other than the creator using the official files. Basically it is the official ROM without official support. This is mostly a preview and not everything works right.


WiFi should work as expected.
3G/GPRS/EDGE Data and Calling
Touchscreen as well as the S-Pen (proprietary S-Pen Apps by Samsung are not included and would’nt work anyway.
Sensors should work. (ie. at least GPS is confirmed to work properly)

Known Bugs

Bluetooth is unstable. Don’t rely on it just yet
Battery Usage doesn’t work.
MTP Mode does not work. You need to push/pull files via adb
Camera doesn’t work. Will be that way until we can get our hands on a ICS leak for the Galaxy Note

You have to decide for yourself whether or not it is worth it to flash onto your Galaxy Note. If you do decide to, then check out the source link below for further instructions and download links.

Source: XDA

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