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How to make a Skype video call on a Galaxy Tab 10.1

Skype video calls are a breeze to create and enjoy on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. First install Skype from the Android Market. Then login with your Skype account. Obviously, if you do not have one, then you can create one on Then find a contact that you would like to call. (Note I just called myself on my laptop with another account.)

Select Video call and it will ring on the other person’s computer, phone, or tablet.

The screen above is a preview of what you will look like while you wait for the other party to answer the call.

Now the call has been connected and you can see the other party’s camera on your tablet as well as the image you are sending in the lower left. Tapping on the screen brings up options to mute the call, end the call, and video options. The video options are Front camera for the front facing camera, Back camera for the rear facing camera, Video off to stop streaming your video to the other person, and Rotate video to rotate the video 90 degrees.

It is as easy as that! Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below.

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  • Armstros

    I’m not getting any sound and neither is my video contact hearing me. What can be the problem

  • Talbmw

    I don’t have the video call button on my tablet..  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

  • Feli

    Hi Kyle,

    I just bought the galaxy tab 10.1 and I cannot have a VIDEO call with skype…
    I read your instructions and up to step 2 everything is ok, only when my call is connected my video stops working (so does the video on the other computer) and though I tap my screen, no options appear, and I can’t see my video nor the other person… There is no viedo options on skype menu either. Shoudl I configure something in my tablet before I try to start my video? how did you get it to work????
    Please help me! Thanks!!!

    • Test

      1. Ensure the version used is 2.5 or higher
      2. Login Skype and get to the blue page where you find the four options – ‘Contacts, Recent, Call phones, Profile’
      3. You will find 5 icons on the bottom – go to the last one (the one with 3 horizontal bars). Click on it
      4. You will find 4 options – ‘Sign out, settings, about Skype, help’. Click on Settings (Second option)
      5. You will find a host of options – scroll down till you reach ‘Video Calls’ tab. Find ‘Enable video calling’ option by ticking the box. 

  • Zackycornerz

    Canyou tell me how to make party calling with group? On this device

  • Zackycornerz

    Canyou tell me how to make party calling with group? On this device

  • Wmkoudijs9

    THE camera is not working in Skype on THE Samsung 10.1 tablet

  • james

    I have installed the skype and all works well only once video call and all, but when i shut down and restart again skype is there but skype video is no longer available, please help

  • james

    Please give a skype version that has been tried and tested

  • Ted

    After connecting w/ a video call, can only ee myself, not the party I’ve called nor do I get a thumbnail Using Galaxy tablet

  • KennyB

    Skype works fine on my Galaxy 10.1, until I connect it to the TV, I then only get me on the TV, but on the tablet, I get normal setup.
    I.e my contact on full screen, and me in the little box. Any ideas?

  • naedfm

    Trying to download the SKype clinet for Tab 10.1 I see this displayed : “your device isn’t compatibel with this version” . My tab model : GT=P7510 ; Android 4.0.4 . any ideea / suggestion ?

  • Limbani

    I could see not see the other person, could just see myself, the other person could see me though. What do i need to do?

  • paulo

    how do you remove your picture in bottom corner so that it does not appear when doing screen shots

  • Roger

    Just purchased Galaxy Tab4 – 10.1 – Is Skype free, and if yes, how do I set it up. Thnaks.