GTA III For Android

GTA III has been out for Android since December 15th. What is this game? GTA III is the more commonly known name for Grand Theft Auto 3. This is a sandbox styled game (Open World, you can do what you want) and was originally introduced for Playstation 2 in 2001 by the game development company Rockstar. It is set in a fictional city called Liberty City (Based off of New York City).

It is the first game in the Grand Theft Auto series to be produced with the use of a 3D Game Engine. It has combined elements of Third-Person-Shooters and driving games.

Personally, the release of this game for Android really excites me! I’m a huge fan of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and I’ve owned and played every game in the GTA series set so far. I’m very happy with Rockstar to have made a leap into the Android Market community. They have worked hard on the new controls, and the brand new menu as well as how the game is saved, loaded, and filed.

This game on Android has topped the market since it came out. When playing this on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, I found the controls to be a bit odd at first bit ended up getting used to them. Personally, I think the controls got pretty old, so I switched to using my keyboard conjoined with the screen instead. Driving can be a bit tricky and so can shooting out of the window with the on-screen controls. It’s nice to know they kept the keyboard controls, so I assume you can use it for a keyboard android phone as well if you have one.

The story line has not changed at all. Everything I know and love about GTA III is still there, and when I’m not at home yelling at people online on GTA IV, I can still play GTA III when I’m at the doctors, school, airports, being held hostage in a bank even.  I’ve never been able to play GTA games while mobile except maybe Chinatown wars (Which I don’t like). Rockstar has absolutely brought a huge step up in their release with this game for Android. I expect to see other installments come out sooner or later as well, Like GTA: Vice City or San Andreas.

The game is very well put together and exactly the same as the original minus the odd controls and epic new menu. The driving is fun, missions are fun, everything about this game is fun and you can play this game endlessly for days, weeks, months, whatever fancies you!  There is no lag, no freezing, and no force closing for me on my Galaxy Tab 10.1! With the car driving, missions, graphics, gameplay, story line, this is the best game on the Android Market so far for me.

I recommend this game to everyone, especially you folks with the Galaxy Tabs out there, which it works best on as well. Just look for GTA III on the Android Market and buy it today! GTA III for Android is for its 10 year anniversary. Welcome Rockstar to the Android Community, and we can’t wait to see newly released games for Android!

GTA III is $4.99 on the Android Market

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