CM9 for Galaxy Tab 8.9

Unofficial CM9 ROM brings Ice Cream Sandwich to the Galaxy Tab 8.9

I have covered the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi and Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G version of this ROM. Now it is time to inform everybody of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 version.

There are two versions of this ROM, one for the 3G model and one for the Wi-Fi model. Make sure that you download and flash the correct one. The latest versions of this were compiled earlier this month on February 3rd.

The bugs are similar to the ones prevalent on the Galaxy Tab 10.1: camera is broken, screen goes black before orientation change, and other various bugs. Battery stats do work on this build according to the post on XDA.

Want a taste of CM9 and Ice Cream Sandwich before either of them officially come to the Galaxy Tab 8.9? Download and install the ROM from the source link below.

Source: XDA

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