How to install CM9 Nightly on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi

I posted over the weekend that the CyanogenMod team has added the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the nightly build list for CyanogenMod 9. That means that it is now officially supported by CyanogenMod and we no longer have to rely on KANG ROMs to suit our CM9 needs. Unfortunately, I left you high and dry without any explanation on how to install it on your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Update: As many have pointed out in the comments, the camera does not work. I forgot to mention it but I find it hard to believe that many of you ever use the camera.

Installing it is a piece of cake if you already have ClockWorkMod installed. (If you don’t then click here for a tutorial on how to install it on your Galaxy Tab 10.1.)

1. First you must download the CWM-flashable version of the nightly build onto your tablet.
2. Download the on your tablet.
3. Next turn off your device and boot into recovery by holding down volume down while the tablet boots. (Note: The volume down button is the left button when the tablet is in landscape mode with the buttons on top.)
4. Let go of the volume button when you see it change from Galaxy Tab 10.1.
5. Press the volume down button again to toggle the selection and press the power button to launch into ClockworkMod.
6. ClockworkMod responds to the volume rocker to change the selection and the power button to execute.
7. Backup your current ROM and data by backup and restore. Don’t skip this step!
8. Select wipe data/factory reset.
9. Select wipe cache partition.
10. Select advanced and then select clear dalvik cache.
11. You are now ready to install the two .zips. Select install zip from sdcard.
12. Find where the .zips were saved. They were probably saved in the Download folder.
13. Select the .zip containing CM9 first. It should be called
14. After ClockworkMod is finished extracting and installing CM9 you need to do the same with the
15. Select reboot system now when ClockworkMod finishes.
16. Wait until it boots and do not attempt to turn off the tablet. It may take a long time to boot. If after say half an hour it has not booted, then simply go into ClockworkMod again and restore from the backup you just created and you will be back from where you started.

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