Reader Feedback – What would you like to see from this website?

Thank you so much for making this website a success! I am glad to have the opportunity to write about the Galaxy Tab line and would like to get some input for how the website will develop.

So what would you like to see from Is there anything you would like to see more of like more videos or more accessory review? What about more application reviews? Please let us know in the comments what you would like to see from the site.

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  • Sgt Tony

    I want to know more about apps that will make my Galaxy even better!
    I want to know how to copy my Archer DVDs into my tablet.
    I want to know about new accessories, like the 500GB WiFi hard drive from Seagate.
    A section on top 10 for different categories (free and paid) . Ex: Top photo editing, top music player, top cool, etc…

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll try to incorporate some of that into the site.

  • Hector Corrales

    Hi! First of all, thanks for keeping this site up, I come here regularly to check out news and stuff. 

    I would like to see some reviews on custom roms, guides on how to flash them, CM9 stuff.
    Thanks for opening the space up for input.


    • Kyle Dornblaser

      Expect a tutorial on installing CM9 nighty today. I’ll try to do more in-depth ROM posts in the near future. Those could be very beneficial.

      And thank you for commenting! I like to know what my readers think and how they would like the site to develop in the future.

  • Gerardo

    Expand, include all tablet news but tablets only, make this the one source for all tablets news, specs, articles, etc.

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      That is my dream website but it is quite the overwhelming task. I have been working on but there is so much tablet news and information that it is making me want to back off from it. I will try to start up again soon though.

  • Gabor Fodor

    I actually like the site the way it is, but if I should pick a few topis I would say tablets including gaxgets like nexus and apps for them maybe.

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      Are you saying you want to see posts about the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Streamer

    Reviews of custom ROMs
    Development updates for custom ROMs
    News of roms should apply to older and new tabs. I will for example stick to my original Gtab for quite a while as the new 7 inchers are not that interesting. So the essence of my feedback is probably that you should try to find more info about how to keep your tablet interesting and productive during ownership.
    The news regarding new products and apps are great!
    I am checking new on a daily basis.

  • Sexxxuch

    Hello sir I’ve had my sprint og galaxy tab since dec 2011. I’m tired of being stuck on gingerbread. I was hoping you have a stable version of honeycomb available for my tab. If so can please email it to me at

  • Jscats

    Would you please explain how to use the microSD card on the Galaxy 10.1? I must be really slow because I’ve tried to load pictures etc. from my computer but can’t figure out how. Thanks and thanks for this web site.


    • Teodor

      More galaxy tab 10.1.

  • Teodor

    More galaxy tab 10.1 update to ice cream sandwich.

  • Jonnydize

    i would love to see more wallpapers !