How to install the leaked Flipboard app

Flipboard for Android was announced alongside the Galaxy S III earlier this month. It was meant to be exclusive to the Galaxy S III for some time before being released to the Play Store. Somehow it got leaked before the Galaxy S III release. The leaked app has also received an update from version 0.7.8 to 1.8.4. The app was clearly designed for phones, but will work fine on a tablet.

Flipboard is a news reader similar to Pulse, but much more innovative. You flip through the news stories. Each story is filled by a large image from the article and includes the title of the article. If Flipboard cannot find an image, then it will display the beginning of the post instead.

You can have it sync your RSS feeds through Google Reader and your friends’ activity through Facebook and Twitter. Also there is tons of promoted content to fill your Flipboard app with.

You can download the app from here on your Galaxy Tab. Once you have downloaded it, just open it and it will install. You will have to allow unknown sources if you have not already, but it will prompt you to do so.

Update: The Flipboard app is now available in the Google Play Store for free.

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