Three more variants of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 get official CyanogenMod 9 support

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 already had some support for CyanogenMod 9 (Wi-Fi and T-Mobile), but today three more variants are being supported. Those three are Verizon’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, the unlocked Galaxy Tab 10.1, and surprisingly the Galaxy Tab 10.1v. I do not think that these nightly releases are directly flashable, but I will probably post a tutorial on how to get them onto your Galaxy Tab 10.1(v).

The links to the nightly builds can be found here: Verizon Galaxy Tab 10.1, Unlocked Galaxy Tab 10.1, and Galaxy Tab 10.1v.

Source: Android Police

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  • Nima Rahbar

    i want to know when cm9 come out for p7500??

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      It is out now. I didn’t include the model number in the post, but the GT-P7500 is the unlocked Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Jörg Ziesak

    When is it coming out for P 6800?

  • Traviedwards

    How about the GT-P7510?

    • Kyle Dornblaser

      That has had official CM9 nightly builds for a while.

      • Traviedwards

        How do i get it then, i am def not tech savy if i have to do the configuration

        • Traviedwards

          It tells me no files can open the download

  • Bgd75ro

    I need a tutorial for P4, please