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GalaxyTabs.com has come a long way from when it launched back in August 2010. The traffic rapidly increased until August 2011 when it started to settle. Last month, April, saw 38,711 unique visitors visiting the site 51,896 times for a total of 125,959 pageviews. The most popular month GalaxyTabs.com has ever seen was January 2012. January brought in 60,334 unique visitors for 79,095 visits and 178,978 pageviews.

This website is not just popular in the United States, where I am located, but in many countries. Only 20.86% of traffic is from the United States. The next highest is the United Kingdom at 4.46%. The USA definitely brings a lot more traffic than any other single country, but only accounts for 1/5 of the total.

Search queries on search engines like Google were responsible for 69.83% of the traffic in April. Direct traffic, which accounts for traffic brought from typing the URL in the address bar and opening bookmarks, drove 23.74% of the traffic. 5.38% came from other websites (including Facebook and Twitter) linking to GalaxyTabs.com and the remaining 1.06% came from RSS feeds.

In April, 36.22% of the traffic came from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The top 5 mobile devices were the Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad, original Galaxy Tab, iPhone, and Galaxy Tab 8.9.

This website is almost entirely a one man operation and is my part time job while I attend college full time. I want to be able to do this full time though. That is why I am trying to expand my portfolio of websites. The current website that I am trying to gain popularity with is TabletDigger.com. It is meant to be just like GalaxyTabs.com, but for all tablets.

I sincerely thank all of you for reading my site. It is because of you that I am able to make money doing something that I enjoy. Please let me know in the comments what I can do to make this site or TabletDigger.com more useful to you.

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