Download SwiftKey 3 beta for tablets

SwiftKey is a popular keyboard for Android. The latest beta version is available to download and aims to improve your typing experience. It has great word prediction that learns how you type. You can speed up how quickly it learns by letting it see how you write in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or your blog. There are several themes to choose from and plenty of customization options.

The beta is not only a great way to get in on the latest features, but it is also free. SwiftKey Tablet X (version is available in the Google Play store for $2.99. Newer features and free sounds like a good deal to me. You can download the keyboard from SwiftKey’s website.

Source: SwiftKey

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    QWERTY, the base of this keyboard, is so eighteenth century! Time to move on and used technology created for touch screens not for mechanical typewriters. A VERY clever and elegant solution to touch screen typing is MessagEase by exideas (www.exideas.com)

    MessagEase has fewer, larger keys, but it still lets you enter everything from one resizable keyboard. According to people posting on Google Play, Its learning curve is not that bad. 

    Give it a try! This may be the input of the future available today.