More Galaxy Note 2 rumors – October release, quad-core CPU

The Galaxy Note 2 is the next version of the popular device that straddles the middle ground between a large phone and a small tablet. Some like to call the Galaxy Note a phablet, but I try to refrain from using that word. The Galaxy Note 2 is rumored to be released in October. That is right around the time that both the iPhone and Windows Phone 8 devices will launch. It will have some pretty fierce competition.

MK Business News reports that the Galaxy Note 2 will be powered by a quad-core CPU. The last rumors we heard mention a dual-core CPU.

The device will also feature a super thin unbreakable plane display, longer battery life, and Jelly Bean (the next version of Android).

Source: MK Business News

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  • kram kraig

    i dont like the idea that less than a year since note 1 was release,they will release note 2……changing models so fast…i should have waited for note 2 rather than buying note 1..