Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial shows off new feature

Galaxy Note 10.1 commercial shows off new feature

The Galaxy Note 10.1 may appear to be vaporware, but a new commercial for it appeared on YouTube yesterday. It mentions the tablet having a 10 inch multiscreen. I was perplexed by this, but then I saw what they meant. You can open up two applications side by side and drag and drop between them. The multiscreen seems limited in the commercial because it appears like there are only three options for applications – Internet, Polaris Office, and Video player. Perhaps those are just open applications though.

Hopefully the Galaxy Note 10.1 lands soon! Check out the video in the mean time.

Source: Tablet Digger

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  • Tylor Ray Gallagher

    I’m a windows guy, but then android would be my second option. This kind of device shows that the “simple” factor of apple is to simple. Android can offer much more. And this kind of hardware offers more, not just the pen, but hdmi out, and sd card. I’m sure it well run job when it comes out.