Galaxy Note 10.1 reintroduced in informative video

Galaxy Note 10.1 reintroduced in informative video

This video demonstrates how the Galaxy Note 10.1 can be used with multitasking, note taking, education, photo editing, and more.

The new multitasking is dubbed Multiscreens. The top right corner has a dropdown of applications that can run in the Multiscreen view. Multiscreen allows for true multitasking by having two full applications on the screen at once, but it is limited by the compatible apps. Drag and drop functionality is included between the open applications.

Note taking is a forte of the Note series due to the powerful S Pen stylus. Samsung has improved the note taking software further on this tablet. This appears to be a solid tablet for note taking.

Samsung’s Learning Hub lets you download textbooks that you can take notes on with the S Pen.

The S Pen really makes photo editing much simpler. It is easy to understand why professionals use Wacom tablets on their desktops for photo editing.

Source: Tablet Digger

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