Nexus 10 release date and pricing

Nexus 10 release date and pricing

Hurricane Sandy might have cancelled Google’s Nexus event, but Google still made their announcements known. The most interesting announcement in my opinion was the Nexus 10. Sure, all the specs were already leaked, but the device is outstanding.

It has a 10.055-inch screen at 2560 x 1600 resolution. That equates to 300 ppi, blowing the iPad out of the water. Other key specs include 2 GB of RAM, dual-core A15 processor, Mali T604 graphics, and a 9000 mAh battery.

The Nexus 10 will be released on Tuesday, November 13th starting at $399 for 16 GB. A 32 GB model is also available for $100 more.

This is the tablet to get if you want a 10-inch Android tablet. Just check out that screen.

Nexus 10 Screen

Source: Google Play

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  • Roger

    The single biggest issue is the lack of sd slot. All it takes is installing a few games (Bard’s tale is almost 3GB, many others are around the 1GB order of magnitude), some of your music (my collection is 21GB), space for the OS (several more GB), and a cached video or two and you will be out of space. I’m never getting another tablet without an sd slot (a hard learned lesson) and otherwise would have have gotten this one. My hopes are now on Asus releasing a new Transformer since they do see fit to include sd slots, just as Samsung did on their tablets after the first one.

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