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Widgets for your Honeycomb powered desktop

Widgets are and always have been a marquee feature of Android. One of the benefits of having a tablet sized screen is access to widgets that can provide more information than those found on smart phones. If you’re the kind of person who’s on their tablet more than a traditional computer, widgets can help you access information…

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App Of The Week – Evernote

Evernote is a cross platform note taking service that uses cloud saving to create digital notebooks, enabling students to access them anywhere. While the original Android app was impressive, the latest version of  Evernote for tablets has blown everyone else away, with a smart new layout, and seamless text editing.

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Pocket Soccer

Tablet Gaming for 2: Pocket Soccer

When it comes to tablet gaming, the titles that seem to get the most attention are those that feature the latest graphics, the most action for your dollar. It comes as no surprise that the Android Market is filled with games that you may have never heard of that give your tablet new life with each play. Case in point; Pocket Soccer by RasterGrid Entertainment. This game has been out for quite a while, originally being released for phones as a single player only experience, and has since grown to include local multiplayer in addition to other much requested features.

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Quick Look: Android Market July 2011

A few days ago, Google announced that they intended to update the Android Market for all devices running 2.2+. This of course means a polished and beautiful new Market for the original Galaxy Tab. Over the past 24 hours leaks of the apk have to trickle out all over the internet, and it’s expected that Google will push an official update in the coming days.

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cut the rope

App Review: Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope has been on the most wanted list of android gamers everywhere, and the wait is finally over. As of right now you can currently download an ad supported free version of Cut the Rope from, but it appears that a 99 cent ad free version of the game is hitting the official Android Market in a few days. Is this iOS port worth your time and cash? Find out after the break.

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