Galaxy Note III features USB 3.0 for charging and syncing

Galaxy Note III features USB 3.0 for charging and syncing

Computers have been using USB 3.0 for the last couple of years, but it looks like phones are starting to make the switch off of 2.0. The Galaxy Note III has a massive port to support the USB 3.0 cable. The odd shape of the USB 3.0 micro USB cable allows for backwards compatibility with current micro USB cables.

So what benefits can you expect from this upgrade? USB 3.0 features higher transfer rates, so if the storage on the Note III doesn’t bottleneck, then expect much faster transfer speeds. A surprising feature is the Galaxy Note III can charge faster from a computer using this cable. Charging phones from a computer is usually not a good option since the recharge rate is so low, but it can be a real option if this increases the rate enough.

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Galaxy Note phone line now has over 38 million sales

Galaxy Note phone line now has over 38 million sales

Samsung just announced the sales numbers for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II. They have now broken 38 million sales and expect to see another 10 million from the Galaxy Note III. It is odd that they would suggest 10 million sales when the average sales so far is 19 million per device. I assume it is just a safe estimate that they know they will surpass.

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How much will the Galaxy Note III cost on T-Mobile?

T-Mobile Galaxy Note III

The Galaxy Note III for T-Mobile will sell for $199.99 up front with 24 monthly payments of $21. The payments will equal to $504 after two years plus the initial cost of $199.99 equals $703.99. I would expect the off contract price of a device like this to be around $700, so you really aren’t losing much by going with the monthly payment plan. Of course, I haven’t seen what the off contract price really will be.

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Galaxy Note III coming to all US carriers

galaxy note iii

All four of the major carriers in the US (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon) have already pledged that they will be carrying the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. There is no word on pricing, but I believe it will launch at around $300 on contract. Hopefully, Verizon won’t put a tramp stamp on it this time.

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Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition announced

galaxy note 101

The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition looks like a very promising tablet. It is powered by an Exynos 5420 Octa-Core CPU. This isn’t true Octa-Core, but has two sets of four cores. It has a Quad Cortex A15 at 1.9 GHz for high performance needs and another Quad Cortex A7 at 1.3GHz for less demanding applications. The purpose of the two processors is to save power when extra speed isn’t necessary. The new Galaxy Note 10.1 also has 3 GB of RAM. I can’t imagine ever needing to manually close an application with those specs.

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