Fun Run – Multiplayer Race Review

This was honestly one of the most fun games I have played in a while. It’s relatively a very simple game, however after I had finally taken the initiative to download and install it, I actually realized how fun it was.


At first look, it looks like a cute little game that was made for some of the smaller children, like something they might play in a doctor’s office or someplace else. Well, this game isn’t that, although it might be true for some, definitely not for me. I have played this game for a good 6 or 7 hours total now on my Galaxy S3, and I must say that this game is very worth the play.


The objective of the game is simple, you and 3 others run in a crazy platform world, and try to get to the finish line first. “How hard could that be?!” you might ask, but the fact of the matter is, it can be frustrating if you’re a competitive player like I am. Weapons and power ups are available in the game to use for yourself and against other players as well. All these power ups include Speed Boost, A magnet to pull others closer to you, a six-second shield, a heart that absorbs one hit, and the weapons. These weapons however, are not something you would not normally find in your typical “Cute animal racing” game. Weapons include Lightning strikes to shock your enemies, bear traps to decapitate, a saw blade that you throw and cuts them (or you by accident) in half, and a box that punches players back. Now you can see where the game gets very competitive.


Another cool thing in the game that keeps players playing, is the shop. Face it, who doesn’t like upgrades and expensive things to say to others “Ha, I’m better than you!”? The items in the shop is obtainable all by coins in which players can collect after races. The characters are all customizable as well, and yes, that is plural, you can have more than one character, like a cat, teddy bear, turtle, etc. Now, if you’re the person who doesn’t like to wait and earn the coins, you have the choice to also buy coins in packs as well.One thing I don’t like about the coin system, is that if you’re in first place at the end of a race, you get 12 coins 99% of the time. It’s a bit repetitive to get coins, and can take longer than what you would want it to.


Two other things that I like about the game, is the ability to add friends, and the Scoreboard. The more games you win, the higher your rank is, and the higher the rank the higher you are up in the scoreboard. The scoreboard tracks how many games you have played, your win percentage, your kill/death ratio, and number of suicides.


This game is so simple and cute, yet it is so competitive, addictive, and gory. This game also looks great on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, and so should work on any device out there.


Do I recommend this game? Absolutely! Is it ONLY for kids? Not at all! Grab it on Google Play Today!

Click here for my YouTube video on the gameplay!

Cool Game – Bad Piggies HD

Cool Game - Bad Piggies HD

I have not talked about any games in a while, but the new Rovio game Bad Piggies HD caught my eye. Bad Piggies is a spinoff off Angry Birds from the pigs’ perspective. Before each level, you are given an assortment of pieces to form a vehicle. You must put them together in a way to get your pig to the finish line.

It is a cool free game worth checking out. Continue reading for a video and download links.

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Galaxy Note II software features shown off on video

Galaxy Note II software features shown off on video

The Galaxy Note II is about to launch in the UK and be announced in America, but Samsung has only recently uploaded a video demonstrating their software tweaks. The video showcases a Korean Galaxy Note II, but the experience should be largely the same in other countries.

The most interesting feature is multi window mode, which allows two apps to appear on the screen at once. The number of compatible apps is larger than on the Galaxy Note 10.1 and it even includes some stock Google apps like Gmail.

Check out the video below.

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Samsung teases Galaxy Note 2 on video

Samsung teases Galaxy Note 2 on video

The Galaxy Note 2 (or Galaxy Note II if you prefer) has just been teased in a video for Samsung Mobile UNPACKED. Not much is seen of the phone besides extremely close shots of the S Pen being removed and in action. There is no way of telling if the leaked photos are indeed accurate from this video.

The first ten seconds of the video shows seemingly random video clips. My guess is they were filmed on the Galaxy Note 2. The whole video is a jumbled mess designed to not show much off, but watch the teaser if you are dying for a glimpse at the rumored 5.5-inch phone.

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